We are so excited to have you visit us at the PHX Cat Cafe!

A few things you should know before you book your vist:

Laura Wirth
Love this little cafe and kitty lounge! I do yoga every month I can with the kitties and just did my first pain night. Always wonderful to get to spend time here. Plus, their chai is delicious!
Annette Robertson
Staff were polite, friendly and helpful, and the cats were so lovely! We respected the rules (e.g. don't pet sleeping cats, don't pick them up) and had no negative interactions. Two cats sat on our laps, and we had loads of friendly interactions. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Elham Mansoory
These cats are super cute, and I enjoyed a lot to spend time with them❤️🐱 I wish I could adopt one of them now 😭
Christine Butcher
I saw this place online and had to come. I like how they have snacks there also.
Aicha Ba
I'd been wanting to come here for a few years and finally got the opportunity a few weeks ago. The inside is lovely and way cleaner than one might expect a place full of cats to be. The lounge is large with lots of toys, climbing space, and hidey holes for its residents. My sister, my boyfriend, and I visited on a weekday so it wasn't too busy and the cats weren't too overwhelmed to interact. Ideally there would be a board or something somewhere with info about all the adoptable kitties, but that's neither here nor there since the info is on their website anyway and the staff is happy to answer if you ask. You can learn their names, their personalities, their histories (when applicable), how long they've been there. And there's no pressure to adopt, either... no shame in just hanging out for some cat therapy and spreading the word after :) The team clearly cares very much about their rescues and puts lots of effort into making sure they stay as comfortable and healthy as possible. My visit was when I met my lovely baby Bug, who was known as Paula during her three years (!!) at the café. Carrie the CEO was kind and responsive throughout the adoption process, from my meeting Paula to the day I brought her home. And they commemorate the adoption by taking a picture and posting it on their instagram, which I think is sweet. All in all this is a place you could visit just for fun and have a great time (but make sure you know the lounge rules, lol), or it could be holding onto your next bestie—in which case, don't worry. They're in great hands!!!
Jacque Bartlett
It's an awesome place to relax and play with cats. They are well cared for and loved.